Full Livery and bespoke options for horses and ponies

Your horse or pony will benefit from the highest standards of care from our experienced, BHS trained, professional and friendly staff

£130.00 per horse, per week (£563.33 pcm)

  • Stable
  • All year individual, fenced turnout paddock
  • Two feeds a day, of either Keyflow or Emerald Green Feeds, available for purchase at our reduced rates
  • A supply of hay, appropriate for their height and weight (haylage additional)
  • Full bed of shavings (2 bags included per week)
  • Full daily muck out
  • Paddock cleaning, at least every other day
  • Turnout and bringing-in, including feet pick out and rug changing. 7 day livery package includes brush off – if required. (leg washing additional)
  • Unlimited use of horse walker, hot horse shower, solarium and rug dryer
  • Full access to riding facilities
  • Tack and equipment storage
  • Free vehicle parking
  • Holding for farrier (dentist, physio or vet additional)

£300.00 per horse, per week (£1300 pcm)

The ridden elements of our Schooling and Sales Livery are in collaboration with BDA Equestrian.

Schooling Livery

  • Five day exercise to meet your horse’s individual needs
  • Intensive or remedial schooling, addressing any specific issues
  • A full professional review of current diet to ensure nutritional needs are being met. Keyflow Feed included, if requested
  • All other 7 day full livery services included

Sales Livery

  • Five day exercise to meet your horse’s individual needs – hacking, schooling, jumping, lunging to ensure best physical condition
  • Daily grooming. Trimming, clipping, tidying, bathing as necessary using our hot horse shower and Drimee solarium
  • Professional advertising to include photos, videos, full and correct description of the horse’s attributes and selling points, plus the usual pricing, any additional items included in the sale, location and contact details.
  • Fully manage all communications with potential buyers and liaise with the Owner to keep fully updated on progress
  • Viewings of your horse to include a demonstration of the horse’s abilities such as tacking-up, riding (schooling and/or hacking), lunging, handling, loading. All viewings will be in accordance with the Owner’s wishes
  • References can be taken on potential buyers or visits to new home environment can be arranged and undertaken, as extras
  • Vetting process fully managed, in accordance with the Owner’s wishes, to ensure the Owner could attend
  • All other 7 day full livery services included